Friday, August 22, 2008

New Website Launch


Highlighting the Rider Gear is featured in this Launch of the Renegade Classic Gulf Breeze Florida Site.

August 20th 2008 - (TUCSON ARIZONA)

RENEGADE CLASSICS GULF BREEZE takes its vast product line and personal touch to the web with the official launch of the brand new website for the biker and those that shop for them.

Visitors to will find a site the compliments the different jackets, vest, leathers, boots, helmets, gloves and other fun accessories that Renegade Classics Gulf Breeze offers. The riding community is a tight knit group and Renegade Classics Gulf Breeze maintains the service to the riders with its large inventory and now website which features product numbers on descriptive content with photos and an easy navigation to easily find what the shopper is looking for.

RENEGADE CLASSICS GULF BREEZE is not just a place to shop, the company mission of the owners Bob and Petra Wigley is for the store to be a friendly, local meeting place where you can get information on local runs, biker-related events, and meet new friends, that happens to also have first quality brand named products at great prices. The buying power of the 44 other Renegade locations across the country help manage the cost, keeping them affordable; reaching out to the community with a retail location and friendly staff and now informational website will continue to drive business through the store. Renegade Classics Gulf Breeze is located in the Blue Water Plaza, Just off the 98 at 4100 Gulfbreeze Parkway, Gulf Breeze Florida.

Renegade Classics Gulf Breeze looked towards Tucson Based "A Fresh Approach Media" after seeing its work on the Tucson Renegade Classics location which was launched early this year. The goal was to develop a web location that provided information and a great idea of the products carried in the store but also reached out to the Gulf Breeze community. Working together with content sent via the Internet, A Fresh Approach Media turned out a custom look and feel that worked for owners Bob and Petra.

"It's exciting to start with an idea and build on it to develop a site that the owners and myself have a passion for." stated A Fresh Approach Media Designer, Carol D'Andrea. "The distance between our two cities was not an issue at all and we are excited at the growth we will continue to see on the Renegade Classics Gulf Breeze website."

Bob Wigley, Owner stated his feelings of working with A Fresh Approach Media "It has been a pleasure working with you on our website! Thanks for all of your work on our site and the personal professional touches that are obvious. You came through with flying colors."

Congratulations to Renegade Classics Gulf Breeze on the Official launch of the website., We look forward to the centerpiece of your marketing with this website continuing to grow. Thank you for allowing A Fresh Approach Media to be a part of it.

Written by:
Andy Taylor
Creative Services
A Fresh Approach Media

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My First Video!

I've been working pretty hard these last couple of weeks putting together this website for a client who is in Florida. The site is about 100 pages. It took me rougly two weeks to get it done.

So, tonight, or should I say this morning... I decided to take a much needed break... I was browsing around the net to find out how I can add some 80s music to my myspace page... I found a really cool player that I could just add music too and upload to the myspace... I wanted to post the player in the myspace blog, but realized I couldn't do it. So I came to blogger and realized I couldn't do it there because it was only for myspace...

Then I saw that you can post videos in blogger. Andy is pretty much the "video" guru around here. So, I wanted to see how easy or hard it was and what better video to make then a video that includes "music"... The music, of course, that I grew up with and I love... the 80s!

Then I thought, well, I don't think I have a program on my computer right now that can do it... I looked around the home office and saw that I could load one program or another on the computer but then I wanted to see if they had anything free I can download quickly.

I found out that Windows XP includes a free video program called "Movie Maker" so I decided to take a stab at it... I only did about 5 songs and added some video effects and transitions.

It took me about 3 hours and about 25 minutes to encode the video, but here it is, My First Video...

Thoughts and comments are welcomed.