Thursday, July 17, 2008

They Say, "You Get What You Pay For!"

As a web designer and a website company, I'm constently looking on the internet for fresh ideas, new things going on in the "web" world, tools for the web designer, and various other things.

So last night in the early hours of the morning, I decided to see what other competition in my market was out there and how we compare to them.

I couldn't believe some of the companies I came across and how they can actually call themselves "web designers". What I couldn't believe even more is that businesses have actually paid these companies to design their websites. How can they call themselves "Web Designers" or even a "Website Company"? How can they even charge the rates they are charging? and How can a business owner use their services?

I believe that your "website" is an extension of your business and who you are as a company. So, therefore, I believe it should be "clean" looking, easy to navigate and informational.

If I'm looking for a particular product or service on the Internet, and I come across a businesses website that I cannot find information quickly and easily, I'm gone.

Now, I might be a bit "impartial" since I am a web designer, but I have to say again, "Your website is a reflection of who you are as a business."

I can remember when we first started our company... We were "cheap"... I mean really "cheap"... and we kept thinking, "How come we are not getting any clients"... We knew we were good at what we did... We had the design eye and the creativity and the resourses to give businesses what they were looking for in a website, but we couldn't understand why we were not getting clients... After a very short time, we figured out that they were not wanting our services because we were "too cheap." So we raised our prices... and it worked...

So, if you're a business and are looking for a website, search around, see what the best company will be to make your website a reflection on your business... and if you can find a company that will meet your needs at a reasonable price, then you have yourself a great "Web Design Firm!"

Sometimes cheap is NOT better and as they say, "You Get What You Pay For"...

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