Monday, November 8, 2010

6 Tips for Growing Online Traffic and Sales That No One Tells You..

Posted by: Staci Wood, Small Business Trends..

TJ McCue founded Sales Rescue Team in 2008 as a pay-it-forward lab giving website owners free advice on how to improve their design, copy, and the sales path that customers took or might take through a website. Today, it has since grown to a number of contractors who help small business owners build blogs and create valuable content to attract visitors to your site.

In this episode of Small Business Trends Radio, TJ joins Anita Campbell to share tips and available tools for improving your website, using social media monitoring tools to refine your copy and content, and analytics to figure out what’s working and, more importantly – what’s not working.

Below are the questions we asked TJ:

•(3:12) First TJ, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

•(4:36) Can you tell us what you enjoy doing when you have a day off? How do you like to spend your free time?

•(5:28) Do you find that helps you in business as well? Does it help you reflect and clarify your goals?

•(6:16) What is the biggest obstacle that you see in small business web sites regarding the one’s you’ve reviewed for Sales Rescue Team?

•(7:20) Too much going on on a page? Is that how you see it?

•(10:29) Is there anything else around that that people should know? Are there other things such as clutter, poor writing, or bad navigation, for example?

•(13:12) I see a lot of web sites that have ads within the articles as links and I find those distracting. Any thoughts on those, TJ?

•(14:32) I’d like to go down a list of tips, if you will, so that listeners can take notes. What would be the first tip you would give to increase traffic to your web site and increase sales?

•(18:57) How do Facebook ads compare with Google Adwords? Are they less expensive?

•(21:55) How do you set up a Facebook ad?

•(23:16) Can you list some additional tips for those that are listening and writing this down?

•(26:35) What else would you recommend, TJ?

•(28:50) Where can people find out more?

Listen to the Radio Interview Here...

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