Monday, November 8, 2010

Go Hog Wild Rentals - New Website Launch

Go Hog Wild Motorcycle Rentals, owned by the McLains, Matt and Erica - a couple of rootin', tootin', motorscootin' fools! Yippee-ki-yay... My Friends!!

They say, "There's nothing like the sun in our face and the wind in our hair." Matt has been riding all his life and I've been riding on the back forever until 2 years ago. That's when Erica decided to get her own ride! She says, "I should've done that a long time ago. It's really nice to take roads less traveled and experience the many scenic roads Arizona has to offer. They are a lot more fun! "

Harleys are not the only bikes they have ridin'. Matt and Erica have been ridin' a variety of motorcycles such as cruisers, touring and dirt. They started this company to allow others to experience the open road and beauty of Arizona.

They pride themselves on customer service and competitive pricing with other major dealerships. They also offer free delivery and pick up. They currently have three Harleys available and will be adding more soon.

They are looking forward to putting excitement between your legs and welcome you to the Go Hog Wild Motorcycle Rentals Family!!!

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